• Democracy summit, undemocratic practices

    Democracy in essence is guarantor of inclusiveness, equal opportunities and respect for diversity. It strives to ensure the dignity and peaceful coexistence. Thus, democracy is considered the fundamental human right and need of every human being to grow and live in a peaceful environment. Human history and historical events also point towards the same direction. Although, it is universal good, but every nation and society try to define the democracy according to their own believes and values. The nations try to mold the democracy serve the people in the context of national realities, values an

  • Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’ Will Not Make America Safer

    Sascha Glaeser is a Research Associate at Defense Priorities. He focuses on U.S. grand strategy, international security, and transatlantic relations. He holds a Master of International Public Affairs and a Bachelor's in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • 晚舟歸來,祖國護航


  • 智能新冠疫苗预约系统只需10秒便可预约成功


  • 四川江油:银行高层毫无信念必将自食其果


    09-17 法制于社会杂志社
  • The History and Culture Development and Functions of Guizhou Rosa Roxburghii Tratt

    Two or three hundred years ago, the Rosa roxburghii tratt has already drawn the attentions of literary men. The most popular poem about the fruit is “Ode to the Rosa roxburghii tratt”, written by Zhao Yijiong, a number one scholar in Qingyan Town in Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It says: “Growing in the wild the Rosa roxburghii tratt refuses to be potted, and though with bright color its flo

  • 美国COVID19爆发失控源于经济危机

    摘要:近日,据外媒报道,当前的危机需要全球合作以及商品和服务的自由流通,随着全球COVID-19的爆发,特朗普总统在周五签署了价值2万亿美元的救济和经济安全(CARES)法案,该法案要求美国国家科学院,工程与医学科学院就医疗供应链安全问题进行研究报告。 。政策制定者可以使用该报告来决定美国是否以及如何使医疗供应链多样化,包括对中国制造商的依赖。

  • Gear Motor Drive Motion Lead To A New Generation For Sensor Pump

  • ICNCDE Global Asset Derivatives Exchange Gets Cryptocurrency license


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